I'm very sad these days, because we were going to travel to Guangzhou. Because of the outbreak of this new coronavirus in Wuhan, we can't play anymore.

  Last night, my mother told me about the picture book of the new coronavirus. I learned from it that the virus was originally grown on wild animals, but because some people eat wild animals and kill wild animals, the new coronavirus ran to our human beings and settled down. Although the virus is very dangerous, there are still ways to deal with it, especially those doctors who are working hard to treat the infected patients, some of whom have recovered and left the hospital. I stay at home with my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and brother. I dare not go out. If someone wants to go out to buy food, I will remind him: "don't forget to put on the mask!"

  The virus has brought great disaster to human beings. I want to say to you, "come on! We have a way to deal with this virus, we will win!


  What a novel coronavirus in 2020, why did I say this winter vacation is different? Because there is a virus that comes from Wuhan. In China, the virus is called "new coronavirus". And "SARS" 17 years ago, both belong to RHA virus, with strong variability, which is still in the early and middle stage. The disease starts with fever, coughs, and then bubbles fill your lungs.

  From the first day of the first year to the 15th day of the first month, my family and I stayed at home every day. Today is the 14th day. Every day, I can only look at the outside of my home, which is different from the previous winter vacation. I can see the street where there are no pedestrians. In the past, it was bright and bustling. In the past, it was red and fiery here, but now it is cold and clear here. The children who should be playing happily outside, the adults who work outside, the old people who walk in the park... Are like a bird imprisoned in a cage, but the people who should have been frightened are not afraid, because there are angels in white, and more because there is China. Now there are a lot of doctors and volunteers to help the government. My father also signed up to be a volunteer. At first, my mother and I didn't agree with my father. I thought it would be terrible if I was infected, but my father patiently explained to me and my mother: you three need a father, but now there are more people out there who need to help them like a father, waiting for everyone to spend the time together Dad can come back to accompany you after a difficult time! There will be plenty of time for Dad to accompany you, but when the country is difficult, we must stand up and do our best! After listening to Dad's words, I feel ashamed! When I grow up, I will be a responsible man like Dad! We really need to thank them for their hard work for us, and we need to believe those Angels in white and volunteers should believe in our China.

  This winter holiday is a little long. As long as we work together, follow the arrangements and fight against the epidemic together, it will be a meaningful winter holiday.


  "Brilliant starry sky, who is the real hero, ordinary people touched me the most." whenever I hear the lyrics, it reminds me of those lovely and beautiful angels, who are the medical workers fighting in the front line.

  This Spring Festival, a different spring festival, a virus with "corolla" broke into our life and became our enemy. A war without gunpowder started like this.

  In this battle, the most beautiful people are those angels in white. When the battle trumpet sounded, they gave up their vacation and went all out to do well in the treatment of patients. Regardless of their own life safety, they resolutely chose to go to the battlefield. Did they have any concerns? Yes, they have families, loving parents and lovely children, but they have given up their small family for everyone. What a noble spirit it is! When there was a shortage of medical staff in Wuhan, they signed up to go straight to the front line. I heard from my mother that some of them had already gone to Wuhan for help. These heroes rushed to the battlefield, day and night, fighting with the persistent killer of people's health, coronavirus pneumonia, in a big fight of life and death. How can we not be moved. Come on, Wuhan! With the help of medical workers, you will be able to overcome the disease and regain your health.

  The darkness will pass, and we will usher in the dawn. When we wait for the spring to bloom, it is our time to win. We salute the angels who are fighting in the front line. Please protect yourself and come back safely!