Before Teachers' Day, we were thinking what gift we would give our English teacher on that day. Wang Ming said, "Our English teacher is tired and shirsty after class. Let's give her a bottle of water. " "That's a good idea,"we agreed."

  On Teachers' Day, as soon as the teacher came into the classroom, we all stood up and shouted "Happy Teachers' Day!" Our monitor went to the from and gave her a card and a bottle of water with our best wishes. Our teacher dran.


  We celebrate Teachers'Day on the first Sunday of October.

  The celebrations usually take place on Friday.All pupils show performances to teachers in the hall.Pupils present a lot of flowers to teachers.The most interesting thing is that teachers acting as pupils have a lesson with senior pupils acting as teachers.They teach,ask questions and play games as a usual lesson.Teachers usually behave badly,they are late,chew gum,talk to desk mates and have to be reprimanded and sent to the head teacher who is also a senior pupil.


  Teachers'Day comes on September 10th every year.On the day we usually give our teachers cards to show our thanks.I thank them for helping me when I am in trouble,and I thank them for teaching me how to be a real man.

  Of course they are very friendly to everyone.They always get on very well with their students.They are not only our teachers but also our friends.They love us very much and we love them,too.