A sudden virus made this spring festival very different. The previous Spring Festival trips, family visits and friends gatherings were all cancelled. The epidemic affects the hearts of everyone in the country. Everyone is fighting against the virus in their own way. Our family of three is no exception.


  My parents are all policemen. On the third day of the lunar new year, they went back to work and fought in the front line of the epidemic together with uncles and aunts in many industries. They constantly patrol the area to remind people to wear masks. They check hotels, check hotels, check whether the disinfection equipment is complete. They go into the community and publicize the epidemic prevention. They also visited the homes of the people who came back from the epidemic area, inquired about the isolation situation, and looked through the temperature records. I was very worried about them every day for fear that they would be exposed to the terrible coronavirus. I saw the word "rebel" on TV that day. I think they and all the aunts and uncles in the front line of the fight against coronavirus are the most beautiful rebel!


  Mom and dad rushed to the front line of the fight against the epidemic. As a "red scarf", I can't fall behind. Although I can only "live" at home, I can also contribute to the fight against the virus in my own way. I listened to the arrangement of the school and stayed at home to do my homework. Every day, I did it carefully: wash hands frequently, ventilate more, eat well, work and rest regularly, do not give the virus a chance, and do not make trouble for my mother country. I used my brush to draw "weapons" to defeat the coronavirus. I also compiled a nursery rhyme to prevent and control the coronavirus, reminding you to do a good job in protection. Fortunately, I published it in the small reporter column of Tongling daily.


  Although the coronavirus is coming, the epidemic situation is only temporary. As long as we join hands and hearts, unite as one, and fight against the epidemic with our own strength, we will be able to defeat the virus. Come on, motherland! Wuhan refueling



  2020 is a new beginning, but just at the time of the Spring Festival, the Chinese people once again face the virus crisis: new coronavirus, only 17 years since the last SARS in 2003.


  I saw in the news that the new virus caused by Wuhan as the source of infection spread to the whole country. According to statistics and analysis, the people who left Wuhan from January 10 to 22 and went to all parts of the country respectively arrived in Zhoukou, Yueyang, Yichang, Hefei, Chongqing, Nanning, Guangzhou and other places. This is an acute infection of pneumonia. www.zuowenla.cn


  The cause of the disease is that people eat wild Chinese chrysanthemum head bat civet. This is a serious crisis. As human beings, shouldn't we reflect on it? If the epidemic cannot be controlled, where will human beings go? If we take good care of ourselves, will it happen?


  As for how to protect yourself, first of all, although the virus has become a focus, don't listen to all kinds of rumors at will, scientifically prevent and control the sources of infection, cut off the transmission channels, and call on everyone to do a good job in personal protection, avoid going to crowded places, wear medical masks in public places, and pay attention to fast food hygiene,


  Wash hands frequently and drink more water. Try not to eat out and go out less. If you have fever or cough, please see a doctor in time.


  I hope that the people of the whole country will join hands to fight against this crisis and stay at home and not run around. We can certainly survive this crisis from our motherland. It's very important that medical staff have given up the chance to celebrate the new year with their families and rushed to the front line of the epidemic field. We should believe them more!


  Come on Wuhan, come on angel in white, come on China, wish the beauty of the world be linked with you.



  Spring Festival, a day I'm looking forward to for a long time, should be full of happiness, bustle and laughter. But this year's novel coronavirus is so rampant that I can only stay at home and wear masks when I go out, and my parents remind me to keep warm and pay attention to personal hygiene every day. The novel coronavirus seemed to have no intention of retreat, but doctors struggled for many days and nights. In these days, I don't know how many people have been killed by the virus, and how many doctors are still fighting against the virus in order to fight the epidemic.


  What novel coronavirus, what do you choose to do with humans? What makes such a date come to earth? Why do we want to harm human beings?


  One night, novel coronavirus boldly appeared before me. Chin lifted up and smiled scornfully. "You only look at the results, but do not see the passage. Do you know how I came? I was living on animal, but you humans killed them, ate them, and someone else was eating live bats." So it's not me that causes the disease, it's you humans. And I want to tell you that the most terrible thing in the world is not the lion or the tiger, but you human beings. Your human mouth is a bottomless hole, which is filled with discontent forever. You human beings are greedy, cruel, and constantly hurting animals. Aren't you ashamed? "After saying it, turn around and walk away. I shouted at the virus, "but human beings have a good side. There must be more good people than bad people in this world." The novel coronavirus turned around and said, "the cruelty of human beings is unthinkable. You have broken the ecological balance. Until now, there are still no repentance!" I shouted, "go away!" the human race has already known that it is wrong. If you do not go again, mankind will one day destroy you. The novel coronavirus said, "I can go, but if the human beings do not know repentance, my brothers will come again."


  Suddenly, novel coronavirus came back, but I still woke up in my ear. Animal and novel coronavirus, I hope that people can learn from this lesson, treat the earth well, refuse to eat wild animals, and hope that those who are infected with new coronavirus will get better soon.